"Glory be to Him Who Created pairs of all things"

Quran 36:36

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  • Ente perilum ente inayude perilum nanni ariyikkunnu ente marriege shariyayi ellavarodum nanni

  • This is a useful site for searching life partner

  • This is a really helpful site to search for a partner with Islamic values. I have used this site to search a partner for me and my elder sister and we got good matching profiles alhamdulillah. Now I am searching for a partner for my younger sister also, insha allah I hope I can find one from here itself

  • very good initiative by the way to nikah team.. ma sha Allah.. very useful and helped us find the match for our relative.. Alhamdulillah..will definitely suggest to try this site..

  • It is very helpful to find good partners your voluntary service for poor families is appreciated

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  • This is a useful site for searching life partner

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  • Allah helped me to find ma gal through this site.. We got married on dec23 2015.. Alhamdhulillah..

  • I find my life partner through way to nikkah. This website is very useful.. Thanks a lot

  • Al hamdo lilah its very good place to search ur future wife as u want from good girls and i hope evry muslim want to marry come here to way to Nikah

  • This is a useful site for searching life partner.