"Glory be to Him Who Created pairs of all things"

Quran 36:36

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  • Nice service. . May allah bless ur team...

  • im very sad about this website owner as i have called many time but no response from him or nobody attends my call accept 1 person but he don't understand English. a bastard made a wrong profile and gave my personal home number on this website i want to remove that profile permanently and in future never gave my number to this web. but im so much disappointed with this web owner TASLEEM who is not answering on my mails also my calls. Hope now may be they do something if they are truly Muslims.

  • good worke thanks way to nikah

  • Way to nikah service is a nice service

  • Actually i surprised when i saw the android apps for this waytonikah..Superb work.All the best

  • masha allah ,,great work team way to nikkah

  • thank u vry mch way to nikah fr sch a wndrfl gift, as ,a soul mate...., May Allah bless all ur good deeds... n all the bst fr ur future projects.....

  • Way to nikah service is a nice service

  • Am Mohammed Faizal from Malappuram. Many thanks to "way to nikah".

  • Dear Waytonikah Team, Thanks for your support, it was good experience for me, thanks for everything Rgds, Muhsin