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Punishment for refraining Mahr in Islam

The Mahr for women in Islam carries a very important status as it is a financial guarantee given by the husband to his wife [...]

Top 11 Wedding Dresses for Islamic Brides

Muslim bridal outfits are really stunning. The intricate details, art work bring about the most gorgeous bridal attires tha [...] - Certified by Theqa, the best & trusted user-friendly eCommerce website in Qatar, is super excited to announce it is Theqa Certifi [...]

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Importance of Haldi in Indian Weddings

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15 Muslim Wedding Jewellery 2021

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Importance of Mahr in Islam

What is the importance of Mahr in Islam? Is it mandatory? Read on to know all about it in today’s post. Main featur [...]

What is the important event in Islam?

Nikah is the most important event in Islam. An Arabic word, as per Islamic law, the word “Nikah” is a legal term [...]

Islam and Valentine’s day

Islam always promotes sharing love between every relationship. A religion of peace and love, how is it possible that it wou [...]