4 ways to build a positive relationship with in-laws

4 ways to build a positive relationship with in-laws

As you enter the holy matrimony, you are ready to handle multiple responsibilities. You and your partner are committed to taking care of each other. The fact that responsibilities vary throughout the countries doesn’t mean that you should shrug away from responsibilities. Indian bride and groom enter wedlock with their families. In India, a marriage is not just between two people but two families as well. This means that every bride and groom have a new family to cater for. Every marriage starts a new web of relationships and it takes effort to begin a new life on a good note.

Your in-laws play a vital role in your marriage and are the first source of constant encouragement. They not only act as a guide during the first phase of married life but also ensure that you are well-adjusted. They try to create a niche for the newlywed so they don’t feel like an outsider. A happy family is a promising one and every newlywed must make an effort to cherish them. The process is time-consuming but fruitful at the same time.

1. Spend time with your new family

Your bond with your husband’s or wife’s family will add strength to your marriage. Sit together for lunch or dinner or go for a picnic. It will help you to know your in-laws better.

2. Be honest

This is the key to all good relationships. Never sugarcoat things and let them know whether you are comfortable with a specific situation or not. It’s necessary to put forth your likes and dislikes but be considerate when doing so.

3. Know and understand

As it is a new relationship, take your time to adjust. Know the people around. Obviously not everyone will match your beliefs or values but rather than making any fuss about it, try accommodating to the differences. Understand that you cannot judge people or categorize them between right or wrong. They are just different from you and maybe right in their own way.

4. Be considerate

Your nature can set you miles apart. If you have done something wrong, apologize and if someone wronged you, forgive. This is not only for your mental peace but also a key factor to sustain lifelong relationships. Move on and try to forget the “not so good” things. Don’t cling to any disagreement as it can lead to disruption of your peace.

Keep in mind that you are in a lifelong commitment and have vowed to take care of your partner and his/her loved ones. He/she is related to a family of which you are a part now. For a healthy marriage, it is necessary to value and respect your in-laws. A positive bond with your spouse’s family can pave the way for a happy marriage. Furthermore, having another family is a beautiful thing and deserves the love at your end. This additional bond will fight any frustration and allow positivity in your day-to-day life.

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