5 tips to have the perfect destination wedding

5 tips to have the perfect destination wedding

Flying away to a dream location is undoubtedly the most romantic way to tie the knot with your loved one. A destination wedding transforms the dream of marrying your soulmate in an exquisite location. Nothing beats the fun, excitement, adventure and romance that comes with having a destination wedding. Anyone who wants to have the perfect destination wedding or is planning one will know how amazing it can be. That said, here are 5 tips to help you plan the perfect destination wedding.

1. Choose the location which you both love.

Choosing the location for a destination wedding can be overwhelming as there are a lot of breathtaking locations. Don’t forget to include your partner when you choose a wedding location. The place you choose must be a mutual decision. Keep in mind the mood you want to set for the wedding, the theme/décor you want, travel time and the budget before choosing the destination.

2. Know the right time

Time plays a vital role in setting up the right mood for the destination wedding. If you are choosing a popular tourist wedding destination, ensure that the marriage date does not overlap with the tourist season. Furthermore, being peak season can make you shell out extra bucks as it’s the time when hotel and travel fares are at their peak. Weather is another factor that should not be ignored while choosing the perfect time. Make sure you plan a wedding day as per the best season for that location.

3. Plan a trip

Visit the location before planning the destination wedding. Simply looking at the online pictures and videos won’t be enough. The trip is not just important to look at the location but at the hotels, meet the planners, and other recreational activities for the guests. Also, check the surroundings to ensure that you are getting a calm and serene environment for your nuptials as promised by the planner.

4. Venue decoration and styling

Many of us have a preset theme in our mind for the wedding. The décor and styling of the venue are the main points that bring out the theme you want in the best possible way. Many destination wedding planners suggest that you should stick with the styling, décor and food items as per the specialty of the destination. You don’t want a beach-style wedding at a regal fort. Talk to your wedding planner and discuss the best décor that goes with the destination and a theme that goes with the ambience.

5. Talk to your guests first

Destination weddings definitely require prior information when it comes to the guests. You need to inform them 9-10 months in advance if you are planning a destination wedding so that they can make arrangements for the travel and stay. Draft an event itinerary for your guests so that they can plan to attend the wedding as well as spend some quality time for their personal experience of the surroundings accordingly.

Make your wedding a memorable affair by choosing a destination wedding. It is one of the most romantic ways to say the nuptials and begin a new chapter in life as life partners.

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