3 Steps to prevent an unhappy marriage

You are not alone if you feel that your marriage is going south, don’t worry. The majority of the couples experience rough patches in their relationship at one point or another. While some try to compromise and overcome the challenges, some fail or quit eventually.

Here are a few reasons why marriages turn sour.
  • When expectations aren’t met
  • Depression
  • Miscommunication
  • Tension in the relationship
  • Betrayal
  • Disappointment at how things are not moving right

Both the partners must be willing to work on their marriage and only then the friction can be avoided. The key to a healthy relationship is by preventing any unhappiness in your marriage. Here are some tips to stay true to your vows and live a fulfilled, happy life with your partner.

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1. Know the person you are marrying

You need to know everything about the person you are planning to marry and share your whole life with. You owe it to no one else but yourself to know the history of the person you are going to marry.

2. Leave your Ego at the door

It’s the ego that carries the need to be right and win every argument. This will kill your marriage every day. When it comes to clashing egos, there are no winners and only losers who have deep emotional scars. Bear in mind that your victory is short-lived and has a cost even if you win a fight. When you are in a relationship, it’s more important to keep the happiness going than to be right.

3. Active communication

One of the essential steps to keep your marriage happy is talking and sharing your feelings. If you want your spouse to know how you feel talk to them as they are not a mind reader. Have a healthy conversation about handling responsibilities rather than pointing fingers.

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