15 Muslim Wedding Jewellery 2021

15 Muslim Wedding Jewellery 2021

Bridal jewelry for Muslim brides is available in different patterns. So, Muslim bridal wedding jewelry has a lot of things such as Arabic necklace, Matha Patti, etc. In this article, we take a look at the 15 Muslim Wedding Jewelry 2021.

1. Wedding Earrings

Take a look at the Muslim bridal collection of earrings.

Muslim bridal earrings are usually big. Muslim brides prefer to wear chunky earrings. Also, bridal jewelry generally has gold jewelry.

2. Hijab Pin bridal set

Hijab Pin bridal set accentuates your hijab and gives a whole new look to your bridal outfit.

Almost every Muslim woman wear a hijab all the time. So, Muslim brides who wear hijab on their wedding day will want to look unique and highlight their hijab as well. There are a lot of beautiful hijab pins created for the wedding day.

3. Artificial Bridal Jewelry for Haldi function

Floral Bridal jewellery for Haldi and Mehendi Function

Floral jewelry is currently trending and is preferred by many Muslim brides, especially for the Haldi and Mehndi function. You will find various jewelry set for such functions in beautiful designs. Wear artificial earring, necklace, bracelet, Maang Tikka, etc.

4. Personalized Arabic Name

Customized Arabic name for Muslim brides are trending.

Muslims love to have customized bridal neckpiece. From crafting initials of both the bride and groom or simply the bride’s name in Arabic letters (or English), customized pendants with sleek chain is trending.

5. Wedding Necklace

A Traditional Wedding Necklace worn by the Muslim bride.

The traditional wedding necklace worn by the Muslim bride is made of pure gold. So, Muslims mostly wear gold necklace along with earring, necklace, and bracelet. However, with the changing world, brides are switching to artificial heavy crafted jewelry.

6. Wedding ring for women

Wedding ring plays an important role in Muslim marriages.

The Wedding ring is an auspicious thing in all religion. So, a wedding ring for women in Muslim marriage can be made of gold and diamond. The bridal ring sets are chosen as per the standards of the family.

7. Matha Patti

Matha Patti worn by Bollywood Celebrities

Matha Patti is a gorgeous addition to the bridal trousseau that enhances the look of the bride. From Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, many brides love to wear Matha Patti on her big day.

8. Bridal Jewellery Sets

A bride flaunting her Muslim Bridal Jewellery

Muslim bridal jewelry set includes Maang Tikka, earring, necklace, layered neckpiece, and finger rings.

9. Pasa/Jhumar

Muslim bridal jewellery Pasa or Jhumar plays a great role in enhancing the look of the bride.

A specialty of the Muslim bride, remember Anushka Sharma in ‘Ae Dil e Mushkil’ who looked divine in the traditional Jhumar as a Muslim bride.

10. Haath Phool

A bride showing off her Haath Phool

Haath Phool can either be of five finger rings or three-finger rings. Nowadays, brides experiment with just one finger ring. They are available in silver or gold plated.

11. Gold Imam Zamin Bridal jewelry

Imam Zamin tied by the brother to the bride

Imam Zamin is worn by a Muslim bride on her arm which is tied by her brother. It can be of gold plated or metal plated.

12. Bridal Jewelry Wedding

A newly-wedded bride with her Jewelry Set

Gold jewelry makes the bride look divine and mesmerizing. So, wear the things you love made of gold that will highlight your beauty.

13. Diamond wedding set

Diamond wedding set for the Islamic bride

Many Muslim brides wear a diamond ring. However, some brides wear the diamond necklace for their wedding too. It all comes down to the bride’s choice.

14. Wedding Bracelet Bridal jewelry

For a minimal look, choose muslim bridal bracelet that gives a sleek look.

The latest Muslim bridal jewelry includes a gorgeous bracelet. Many brides ditch the gold bangles and go for a single, sleek bracelet for a minimal look that looks equally awesome.

15. Luxurious Bridal Veil headpiece

A Muslim bride showing off her gorgeous Bridal Veil headpiece

The customized jewelry veil looks beautiful on brides who love to cover their heads. Experiment with your looks and choose the one that looks great on you.

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