10 Best ways to plan your wedding

There are many ways to plan your wedding just as you like them to be…!!! The key here is to stay organized, stick to a budget and give yourself time. This way you will achieve more. Read on for the best ways to plan your wedding.

1. Set a budget.

Sticking to a budget can keep your wishes realistic. This is a very special day in your life. However, it’s not an excuse to be extravagant with money you don’t have. When you worry, remind yourself that you are going to have many wonderful days ahead and you certainly don’t want to ruin them by spending lavishly. A budget-friendly wedding can equally be memorable as a luxurious wedding.

2. What’s your wedding size?

Talk to your fiancée and work out a guest list. Be it an intimate gathering or a decent guest list of 200-300 invitees, you will need to know how many people will be attending your wedding. This is because you need to work out the budget for the venue area, catering and invitations.

3. Choosing a venue

Once you have decided on the guest list, choose the right venue. Check out the venue spaces, catering deals, wedding fees, decorating a Mandap or Church, etc. Find out if the prices quoted will cover everything or if you should pay extras.

4. Set the wedding date.

After proper consultation with your friends, family and availability of the venue set the wedding date. Think about who must attend the wedding. Most of the people will do their best to accommodate the wedding, so unless the invitee has any major surgery or attending another wedding, you are good to go.

5. Choose a Wedding Theme.

It doesn’t really have to be anything specific but a successful wedding affair will keep you positive and confident. Plan a wedding theme that is simple, easy to plan and decorate.
  • You can hire someone who will decorate your wedding but bear in mind that it can be expensive.
  • Visit the venue, take pictures of how the ambience looks. Measure the dimensions of the room and scrutinize if the ambience will allow you to plan everything and if you have enough space.
  • Match decorations to the color theme that will enhance the overall appearance.

6. Sending the wedding invitations

R&D in choosing the best wedding invitations even when you have 8-10 months to go. Work on purchasing or ordering a printed invitation online when there are six months remaining. Make sure to give a lot of time, especially if you are designing/creating a wedding invitation as once you sent them out, correcting them is inevitable.
  • Be creative and add your personal touch to a wedding.
  • Send out invitations two months before a wedding. This way you are giving the invitees time to pick and choose their wedding attires and plan their schedule ahead of time.

7. Choosing a wedding outfit

Start researching your wedding dress ideas even if there are 10 months to go. Are you buying from a designer online or creating a custom-made wedding outfit? Regardless of your choice, you will need alterations and adjustments. You can also wear a vintage gown handed by your grandma as a tradition, choose a simple, classy bridal outfit or spend a fortune on something you will never wear again.

8. Wedding rings

A fun task, go with your fiancée and pick your favorite wedding ring. This not only symbolizes your devotion to each other. Most of the couples get matching wedding rings that show they complete each other. Research well and choose the right decision.

9. Wedding photographer/videographer

Consider using a professional photographer for this big day. Make sure that this person is reliable. You can check their portfolio, work on the packages and then confirm them. You can also ask friends or family who recently got married and whom they would recommend.

10. Gifts for wedding guests

As a thank you, give your wedding invitees an excellent gift which they will love. For instance, many people are indulging in eco-friendly gifts such as succulents or plants, gourmet hamper, Potpourri, Cute Earthbags made of Jute, Handmade candles, natural tea blends, etc.

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