Tips for a brilliant pre-wedding shoot

Tips for a brilliant pre-wedding shoot

Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot? Here are few tips on how to have an amazing pre-wedding shoot.

Love marriages allow couples to take things easy on their wedding day. That’s because they know each other well and are aware of their comfort zones. But what about arranged marriage? Here is where a pre-wedding shoot can really help. It helps in getting to know each other and have some time together. Few couples go that extra mile and add props and creativity to their pre-wedding shoot. These ideas will make you fall in love with each other and take a new step towards a new life with excitement.

Keeping that in mind, we give you some amazing tips.

1. Engagement rings

Engagement rings are simply an incredible way to express your unspoken feelings. Capture them together and add them to the wedding album. Capturing the moment of the engagement of exchanging rings or getting pictures of the couple’s hands with their engagement rings or wedding bands is an excellent idea.

2. Rainbow bubbles

What a great way to relive childhood memories by playing with bubbles!!! Many couples are now incorporating bubbles as part of their pre-wedding shoot. It is a fun and loving way to add excitement to the entire wedding album.

3. Beautiful Captions

Add hilarious captions to your pre-wedding photos. You can have these captions printed or write on your own by using chalkboards. It ensures lots of fun memories that you will relish in the years to come.

4. Smoke Sticks

Trending is colorful smoke sticks that add a stroke of romance to your wedding album. These stunning smoke sticks add wisps of color that make wedding photos breathtaking. Create swirly effects as you twist around them while running on the beach.

If you are tired of posing for your pre-wedding shoots the old, boring and clichéd way, then put a good spin by using these props.

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