11 Best Wedding Family Photography Ideas for your Wedding

11 Best Wedding Family Photography Ideas for your Wedding

No big fat Indian wedding is complete without the family photo and we are sure that these wedding family photography ideas will inspire you to create your memories of your big day. From candid pictures to royal family portraits, we give you a collection of family photo ideas for your wedding.

These family wedding photo ideas are priceless and will leave your eyes moist whenever you see them. So, ensure that it looks exactly like you have planned.

Happy Candid moments

In love with this picture!!! The perfect family portrait which must be framed. We are sure you will definitely agree.
wedding family photography ideas

Wedding pictures with parents

This amazing family picture of parents showering all the love on her daughter is simply adorable.
wedding pic

Wedding family photography Ideas

This funky and fun-filled gang displays how everyone is in their mood yet coordinated accordingly for this family ceremony.

Haldi family pictures

No haldi is complete without family picture and in this picture the bride tribe is acing their portrait. This one is sheer perfection as it is captured beautifully with the love birds in the middle while their friends and family enjoy the haldi function with bliss.

Group wedding photos

Check out this Indian Wedding family photos that needs framing right away. A moment to be treasured, it is surrounded by gorgeous visuals making it a definite hit.
group phoos

Rocking in Pink

Check out this wedding family picture where everyone is color coordinated in different shades of pink giving it a stunning and elegant look. We can’t take our eyes off this picture.

Posing for the Photographer’s Portrait

Kudos to the photographer for choreographing this family picture brilliantly. Notice how well he used the panel walls efficiently.

A grand entry with parents

Why not have the perfect family photo of your wedding as you make a grand entrance with your parents?

Family Wedding photo ideas

Who says family photos needs to be poised? This family who cannot control their happiness and laughter nails the portrait about staying cool and casual. We love how the photographer captured the moment.
family wedding

The Royal Wedding Picture

This family portrait from Anita Dongre’s son’s wedding speaks simplicity and elegance which we absolutely love.
royal wedding

We hope these wedding family photography ideas were able to give you some inspiration for family pictures on your big day. We understand you don’t want to ruin this moment because you are not going to have it again and clearly wouldn’t want to regret it later. So, go ahead and choose the favorite family photos you loved.

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