8 ways to identify a fake matrimony profile on online marriage sites

8 ways to identify a fake matrimony profile on online marriage sites

In this guide, we give you 8 ways to identify a fake matrimony profile on online matrimonial sites.

Matrimonial sites are a great way to seek a suitable life partner. Nowadays, you will thousands of online matrimonial and dating websites globally. And the number is increasing rapidly, like wildfire. However, you will find thousands of people interested including parents on the marriage sites who are looking for a bride or groom.

Finding a partner through matrimonial sites is not as an easy task as one may think. Once you create your matrimonial sites, you will be flooded with tons of proposals (especially if you are a woman). But the truth is most of them are red flags and spamming everywhere. However, there are reputed marriages sites that help customers find the perfect individual.

If you are looking for a partner from online matchmaking sites, you must know how to filter genuine and fake online matrimonial profiles. There are many users who create a profile with incorrect information or use other person’s details who isn’t aware of it. This is misleading that makes online matchmaking site vulnerable that can cause many dire consequences.

How to identify fraudsters on online matrimonial sites

1. Wrong Profile Details

This is one of the most common and most natural methods to identify fake profiles on the marriage bureau. A profile description is the first thing a person describes accurately. So, before initiating a chat with the prospect, check his/her profile details smartly. A good profile description must be well-written, precise, and convey their choices. Please check their educational qualification, the place where they stay, workplace, family details and do a thorough personal reference check.

Usually, fraudsters create their online matrimonial profile within a short time by copying and pasting from other user’s profile. For instance, a fake user mentions him/her as a doctor in the profile description but says an entirely different degree and experience in other columns.

We at WaytoNikah.com, ensure verification and authentication of all the information provided by a prospect. The authentication process is mandatory and manual to make sure each profile on our portal is genuine.

2. No photo on the profile.

Fraudsters usually upload fake photos or no photos at all. The images they upload is either of a model or a right looking person. Such profiles make great impressions, get numerous responses and often gets overlooked from the matchmaking site’s scrutiny. Fake users do not show their faces on online matrimony sites and reluctant to come on video chat. These members don’t want the limelight. So, if you find a profile without a picture, don’t approach them. Another thing you can do is google their images to see if their image shows up somewhere.

At times, the bio-data will have well-written information but will be exaggerated and completely inflated. A Fraudster’s bio is something copied which you may have seen over social media channels. If you get an express interest from them, ignore them.

3. No Social Media presence

When you connect with any prospective profile, check their social media profiles to verify their identity. Today, everyone has found their prime interest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. A person’s social media says a lot about their personality, choices, friends, and regular activities. If she/he doesn’t have any social media profiles connected to an online matchmaking site, ask them directly or try searching with their full name. You can also check their posts, activities, comments and learn a bit more about how serious they are about matrimony.

Beware of accounts that have no activity or has a smaller number of followers as it can be a real deal-breaker.

4. Fraudsters never involve their family on matrimonial sites.

Fake profiles on the marriage bureau don’t involve their guardians. When you ask them, they will probably say they deal with all the marriage talks themselves. In our culture, we love to involve our parents before making any big decisions in our life, especially when we are looking for prospects on marriage sites.

Family background is vital when we are making a long-lasting relationship with someone. So, when a prospect doesn’t mention his family or doesn’t have enough information, it is highly suspicious.

5. Fake Profile gets personal too quickly

The fraudsters express love too quickly, even before completely knowing everything about you. They respond quickly to your interests but delay when you enquire about them. Once you start talking to your prospect, observe how they react. If they urge you to tell about your salary, bank accounts or anything financial, he/she is a fraudster. At times, they will even lure you with sweet words such as “hubby”, “honey”, etc.

Be very cautious if the prospect is asking personal questions, you are not comfortable sharing with. If they ask for your personal number or ask you to meet in a private place, don’t say YES until you feel comfortable. Genuine matrimonial profiles move at a steady pace and share the same concerns as you.

6. Fake Profiles show off more than usual.

Usually, fake profiles show off that they are super-rich, mention they have 3-4 houses, share fake property details and even upload fake pictures with luxurious cars. They boast about themselves to grab the attention of all their prospective matches. If you feel that they are flashy about their bank balance, properties, or standards, stop conversing with them and bid adieu.

7. Fraudsters want to make money from online marriage sites.

Fraudsters are everywhere in the marriage bureau to generate money. Though their online matrimony profiles are fake, you will notice they have real photos with over-elaborated descriptions. DON’T transfer money or do other financial help to prospective bride or groom under any such situations. If someone asks you for money, saying some reasons such as health problem or financial loss, cut contact immediately. Also, make sure to avoid all vulgar or explicit profiles as they can get you banned from matrimony profiles.

8. Other ways to detect fake profile on online matrimony sites

If you find other missing information that is necessary, like educational background, job position, age, then stay away from such matrimonial profiles. Similarly, if someone is bragging about her/his status to an unexpected level without any sign of verification, stop conversing with such people. A well-qualified person will never hesitate to share his original position.

The internet provides easy access to thousands of marriage sites so that everyone can easily register and find their partner. You can even create multiple profiles with the same email id for committing fraudulent activities.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between two people. You can’t merely make quick decisions regarding your wedding. You need time to understand your partner properly and then make the commitment. If someone is forcing you to make a quick decision, do NOT succumb to such pressure and walk away.

Take time before finalizing your decision. Your marriage is not a business deal that you need to close in a hurry.

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