5 signs you are ready to propose

5 signs you are ready to propose

“Will you marry me”? Popping this question may be the biggest decision you are going to make. Find a life partner is a blessing. By getting down on one knee, you are committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life. You will be walking together through thick and thin. A marriage is a lifetime affair and there will be no looking back once you propose. You need to be sure about this person. Another fact is that you need to get married to her for all the right reasons. Propose when your gut instinct says it’s right. From your partner’s behavior to your friends, there are a number of signs that would help you decide if you are ready to propose or not. Here are the top 5 important signs you shouldn’t ignore.

1. You know the answer will be a YES

Notice how your partner’s behavior is and if she is dropping hints about getting married. You will notice a change in her behavior when your girlfriend is ready to get hitched. This is the biggest sign that when you propose she will say “YES”. If you find that your beloved gets excited about weddings, wedding rings, friend’s marriage, etc., she is indirectly giving you hints about her intentions of getting married. When you know the intentions, it is a sure sign that you are ready to propose.

2. Your friends and family love your partner.

The two of you have been together for a good time that your friends and family love her. If that’s true, then she is the right one. Your friends/family would want you to be happy and if they give her a green signal, it’s a strong sign that you should start hunting for the perfect wedding ring.

3. Your Partner is a vital part of your future.

If you are planning the next 10 years with your girlfriend and want to see her by your side, then you have achieved an important milestone in your life. You and your partner have planned a future together and she is an important part of your future. If you don’t feel scared while talking about the future with your girlfriend, then you are absolutely ready to pop the question.

4. You discuss finances openly.

Marriage is not the bond of two souls and families but two finances as well. If both of you are comfortable discussing your respective finances openly, then you are ready to pop the marriage question. Once you know about each other’s earnings, spending, savings, debts (if any), then it’s a clear sign that you are ready to propose to your beloved for marriage.

5. You have achieved a big goal.

Whether it is personal or professional, if you have achieved one of your anticipated life goals, then you are ready to take the leap in your love life too. It might be a big promotion or your own home or anything that your hard work really paid off, it’s the perfect time to make your partner part of this big celebration.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment so you need to be sure before popping the marriage question to your partner. If you see the above signs and have positive vibes about the proposal, don’t hesitate and propose to her for marriage.

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