10 ways for a budget-friendly wedding

Weddings are one of the most important events in every woman’s life. With countless dreams and wishes in our hearts, we await the big day to unfold. This heady mix of emotions can impact daily life including important decisions about the wedding such as food, décor, gifts, guests, etc. where we tend to exceed our budgets. However, with little innovation, you can cut a few areas without compromising on the wedding celebration.

Muslim matrimony is shaped by society into complete folklore of infinite functions, traditions that are not pocket-friendly.

Don’t worry. We have curated a list that will help you cut down the costs and enjoy all the benefits of matrimony.

1.     Cut the clutter

Do you need a big cake or heavily decorated curtains or wide photogenic spaces? No. These decorative details do not ensure a happy, successful marriage. Muslim Marriages have become a business transaction where people want to show off their status and spend almost all their earnings on weddings. Cut the clutter and watch the magic unfold. Your wedding day will not only be highly sophisticated and classy without any extra crowd and chaos.

2.     Understand the true meaning of marriage

Ask yourself what is the true meaning of marriage is? What is the return you get by investing so much in weddings? Muslim matrimony has many ceremonies made by us. If you want to dance and enjoy yourself with loved ones, why do you feel the need to spend lavishly on the Sangeet function? Muslim weddings are the union of two souls. Stay focused on that and keep praying for the same.

3.     Go virtual

If learning, business, education, can go online, why not weddings? Go for the virtual drama. Share the moment with your loved ones and upload beautiful pictures on e-platforms. Use technology for your benefit. You can even ditch traditional invitation cards and go for e-invitations thus initiating an eco-friendly wedding.

4.     Trim your guests’ list

You can skip your friends of friends, relatives of relatives and other thousands of people who you have not met in the last five-ten months. Prioritize and strategize, and understand that you are a grown-up person who is about to get hitched.

5.     Hire local vendors

Muslim weddings are a blessed ceremony where you will attain real benefits with good intentions. Rather than spending insanely on big brands, spend wisely and pick local artisans. From flower vendors to decorators, choose the ones that will help you save thousands from your budget.

6.     Stick to a minimal Buffet

Did you work hard to feed all the family and friends who don’t think twice before wasting the food away on the menu? This behavior needs to stop. Muslim marriages suffer a lot because people believe in having a vast buffet for family and friends. Stick to two (max, 3) celebratory dishes which are well-prepared by the caterers. Remember to stick with a list of 40-50 invitees.

7.     Use sentimental borrowings

Who doesn’t love to wear the iconic, hand-embroidered lehenga left behind as a legacy by the grandmother? Rather than spending thousands/lakhs on a new bridal dress that will gather dust later, isn’t it better to wear a show-stopping bridal dress that carries history and emotions? You can also save more by shopping online for regular designer apparel like salwar kameez suits or Kurtis. Or you can just DIY!!!

8.     Accept no gifts

Attach a P.S. to your invitations enlightening your guests that you will not be receiving any gifts. Believe it or not, this has a network effect that will impact the Muslim marriage scenario significantly. The word will spread to create a new norm of not receiving or giving gifts. Marriages are complete with a heartfelt Dua for the bride and groom to lead a happy, blissful life.

9.     Say NO to dowry

It would be really helpful if you say NO to dowry. No means NO. Marriages suffer a lot because of dowry. It’s about time we change this ritual as you are responsible for making Muslim marriages free of dowry.

10.     Keep it a wedding day and not a wedding week

Avoid the pressure of extending your wedding up to a week. Expanding your wedding for a whole week doesn’t make any sense except that it adds to more work, expense and mental/physical fatigue.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. Share, comment and strengthen the chain of saying no to big band weddings while saying YES to budget-friendly weddings.

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