Debunked – Myths on weight loss and diets you should know before you

Debunked – Myths on weight loss and diets you should know before you

As the wedding day grows closer, we grow conscious of our weight. Before you indulge in any of the crazy weight-loss diets or start believing in what people tell you, read this first. What people are not aware of is the truth about foods are often misleading and skewed. There are many myths surrounding weight loss which we don’t want you to believe in. Hence, we are debunking myths on weight loss and diets you should not believe before your wedding day.

Myth 1: Eating late at night can cause weight gain.

Fact. Truth be told, you will gain weight when you consume more calories regardless of the time of the day. So, if you are working round-the-clock to make the wedding perfect, don’t starve yourself late at night thinking you will gain weight. However, if at all, you want to go for a late-night snacking, choose healthy snacks and cut down on extra calories the next day to balance the calorie intake.

Myth 2: It is better to eat six meals a day rather than three.

Fact. The concept of weight loss works on the balance of calorie intake and calorie burnt. Usually, brides follow a portion control of six small meals a day to keep themselves going. However, if you want elaborate meals, stick with three meals per day, eating small portions apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner can help you cut the extra calories of snacking in-between meals.

Myth 3: A low carb/high protein/no fat diet helps you lose weight easily.

Fact. Though such restrictive diets help you push your weight loss journey, the results are temporary and hard to maintain for a long time. The diets, if continued for long period can cause extreme mood swings. So, brides who are handling all the responsibilities and doing things around the clock won’t be able to handle such strict diets as they are hard to follow and need pre-planned fixed meals. Also, with a lot happening around, you won’t want the mood swings to get in your way which can add to the stress levels and affect the glow on your face.

Myth 4: Fruit Juices cleanse and body detoxification

Fact. Juice cleanse and detox plans are quite popular, especially among those who are in desperate need to lose weight. But the truth is that though these juices help you cut down on the calorie intake, they add a lot of sugar to your diet. They also increase your blood sugar level and does not help in weight loss as you think it would. In the long run, you will gain more weight. So, if you are smart, stop chasing these fad detox diets and believe in the fitness mantra. Consider eating raw fruit than drinking it.

Myth 5: Eating foods that jump-start your metabolism can lead to weight loss.

Fact. Research certainly shows that some food items have the power to slightly increase metabolism. However, the little bump in metabolism is not going to work and won’t have any significant effect on long-term weight loss. So, regardless you have green teas and black coffees, ensure you take time to do healthy workouts and strength building exercises that burn calories.

Myth 6: Skipping meals is a great and quick way to lose weight.

Fact. We certainly hope the millennial brides don’t believe in such myths as these. Skipping meals or any meal at any time of the day actually slows your metabolism down and leads to weight gain eventually. So, make sure to have all your meals in small portions and avoid skipping them.

Hope we have helped debunk myths on weight loss and diets. So, stop believing anything people tell you and don’t stress or overexert yourself because a well-proven fact is that stress can cause weight gain. So take a deep breath and go on with your weight loss journey. is an online matrimonial site that helps you find your life partner with just a simple click. If you are looking for a life partner, your search ends here. Register NOW!!!

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