How important is the Bride’s permission in Islamic marriage?


Many people think that Muslim women are the oppressed ones who do not have any individuality. However, women are given equal rights in Islam just like any other religion.

Being one of the two individuals in the contract of Nikah, the bride has every right to speak up and say her opinion to the partner as she is the one who is going to get married to her partner.

Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet said,

“Take the women’s permission regarding their private parts.”

[as-Sahihah No.398]

This Hadith clearly says that the decision about the chastity and soul of a woman must not be taken without her consent. One needs to take prior permission which should not be ignored for proper completion of the Nikah.

In another Hadith, Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet said,

“When one of you wants to give his daughter in marriage, he should take her permission.”

[as-Sahihah No.1206]

As you can clearly see, the importance of the bride’s permission is as important as the groom’s. If the parents or the guardians take responsibility for the woman’s Nikah without taking her permission, such marriage is considered void. In such a situation, Islamic authorities will get involved if the bride requests any action to be taken.

The bride’s situation also needs to be considered. The method of her permission varies from being absolutely vocal and confident to being passive and obedient as per Wali’s decision.

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