Top 5 myths regarding online matrimonial sites

Top 5 myths regarding online matrimonial sites

Many people rely on matrimonial sites to find their spouse. With the rise in technology, matrimonial sites have become very popular among brides and grooms. Even parents who are looking for the perfect partner for their children register on online matrimonial sites. However, there are a few myths surrounding matrimonial sites. In this guide, we aim to break such myths about matrimonial sites.

In India, you will find numerous reputed matrimonial sites who have been providing an apt platform to eligible prospects to find their life partner. With each passing year, the numbers seem to be growing. Nevertheless, people who are unaware of how sites work pass false folklores. While some say that the sites are too complex to use, some say it’s unsafe to upload personal information online while others find it too embarrassing.

It’s high time we clear all such misconceptions. That said, we give you top 5 myths about matrimonial sites.

Myth 1. Online matrimonial sites are bogus.

While some believe that matrimonial sites are bogus, the truth is that in today’s world, matrimonial meetings via online are much faster and less time consuming unlike the conventional methods.

Many Indians join the matrimonial sites to reduce the traditional matchmaking process. It also gives them the freedom to find a partner who matches their preferences, regardless of the distance. The entire process is hassle-free, minimal time consuming and takes only few processes to get satisfying results.

Myth 2. No one has found a life partner online.

Have you considered maybe you don’t know these people or maybe your circle is small? Trust when we say this, there are numerous couples worldwide who have found their life partner online.

Matrimonial sites are different from dating sites. Marriage sites are created for people who are serious about finding a life partner and getting married. Though there indeed are only few who join the sites with a light-hearted approach, in India, however, the number of serious seekers ultimately find their life partner online via matrimonial sites.

You can easily verify the success stories of online matrimonial services through the sites’ analytics and reviews.

One must also take into consideration that there are more chances of finding a match online as compared to offline due to the extended community reach of eligible brides and grooms. The wide range of connections available in any matrimonial site makes one easy to find a spouse as per their location, class, caste, culture and set social circles.

Myth 3: Creating a matrimonial profile is embarrassing for me, especially if my friends/family find out.

First of all, the idea of embarrassment is an outdated concept. Moreover, if you feel some nagging issues if found out by family or friends, the good news is that many sites allow privacy options where you can hide your profile from unregistered people.

In today’s world Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. gives you a boost to stay comfortable in being seen by a larger community. This way any stereotypes are easily broken and so is the awkwardness while registering in a matrimonial site.

Myth 4: Matrimonial websites are full of fake profiles.

This would have been a scenario a decade ago when matrimonial services were beginning to make an appearance. At that phase, many people created a fake profile to have some fun. But today, with many technological advancements and increased social site security rules, new age matrimonial sites have a stringent verification process, vigilant teams and strict rules for members who are registering which makes creating a fake profile impossible and go unchecked.

Myth 5. Online matrimonial sites are not for youths.

Many people feel that online marriage sites are not for younger people and rather middle-age people. This is again a misconception. People who were unsuccessful in finding a good match due to age or other factors via conventional methods have found their life partner online via matrimonial sites.

Moreover, a quick survey found that matrimonial services work best for the younger population who being the most eligible and marriageable age found more interests and responses from prospective profiles faster.


We hope we were able to debunk the most prominent myths surrounding online marriage sites. There are many myths. Only when you check the matrimonial sites will you be able to understand how baseless they are.

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