9 ways to save a relationship from becoming old and boring!!!

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth!!! It is the relationship of two individuals who promise to stand together at all stages of life.

Newly married couples are very excited about their new life and are ready to explore the world living their dreams. However, as time fades away, they start taking each other for granted and the relationship suffers. As the responsibility starts building up, the partners are distanced and they start feeling bored of each other.

Relationship experts say that couples should take initiatives to save their relationship from becoming old and boring. They should bring changes in their perspective and behavior that will save their relationship and marriage.

9 ways to save a relationship from becoming old and boring

1. Appreciate and Respect each other

Take time out of your busy life for each other and appreciate your partner for handling responsibilities and doing chores. You can also appreciate the way they look, style, way of presentation and managing things. Be honest and loving.

2. Avoid criticizing them every day

While being critical is good, no one likes constant bickering and complaining. Don’t pinpoint each other’s weakness. Keep an hour in a week to criticize each other healthily and show ways to mend things where they lack. This will you will not only respect your partner but will also earn respect in your partner’s eyes.

3. Share responsibilities

Rather than letting your partner handle all the responsibilities, adopt an attitude of sharing the chores. This will keep both of you connected and give some together time. Also, a sense of responsibility will develop without each other feeling overburdened.

4. Cook together

One of the best ways to spice up the relationship is by cooking together. The kitchen arena is considered a woman’s duty. However, in today’s world where both partners are working, the kitchen is an equal forum where both the man and woman can cook and spend quality time together. Many males are not good at cooking but can help their wives with cutting, chopping, cleaning, picking and setting the table. Cooking together can not only be fun but will also be enjoyable for both partners without feeling left out.

5. Go shopping together

Though a couple loves going shopping together during the initial phase of marriage, after a few years, men try to opt-out. For a healthy marital relationship, accompany your partner at weekends and buy personal things for each other. It will create mutual respect and appreciation.

6. Travel occasionally

We understand the busy schedules and late meetings. Weekends are the time when you get some time with each other to relax. Plan a weekend getaway to free yourself from the daily hustle-bustle of city life. Spending time together will bring the couple close to each other.

7. Surprise your partner often

Who doesn’t love surprises? Surprise your partner with a token of gift which can be anything – flowers, gifts, perfumes, bouquets or a movie ticket. Thrill your partner and steal each other’s heart by surprising them with what they love.

8. Remember the important dates

Birthdays and anniversary dates can make a person feel special. Never forget these dates. Rather plan something exclusively for the day together or individually as you wish.

9. Give freedom and space

Respect each other’s freedom and space. Don’t suffocate your partner and give them the freedom to pursue their hobbies and likes. Spend time with your friends. The space is necessary to grow a healthy relationship. Too much binding can spoil the relationship. There you go. A healthy and loving relationship helps the couple to stay happy and strong. You will find many matrimonial sites for individuals who are looking for an ideal partner. WaytoNikah.com is one of such leading matrimonial sites where you will find thousands of verified profiles for you to choose from.

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