4 ways to resolve fights in marriage

4 ways to resolve fights in marriage

Conflicts in marriage are normal and very few couples admit to having conflicts in their marriage. People who commit to spending life together may have different opinions about diverse things. Regardless of how much they are in love, they seem to have a different attitude toward certain things.

When two people come to commit to spending their life together, somewhere down the line, small things can cause friction. Two people can have different attitude and personalities. The daily responsibilities, expectations from one another and unpredictable oddities can cause things to go crazy and out of hand.

Though conflicts are not completely unhealthy, it needs to be resolved for a marriage to stay healthy. Big or small, fights can be avoided or concluded properly. Though conflicts are unavoidable, your approach can solve issues before it goes haywire.

1 Communication is key

Be it any relationship, communication is the key. As long as you are communicating, you have a better chance to avoid any conflict. It is always best to get past our selfishness and arguments and give way for productive conversation. Take some time out in your daily routine where you can simply talk and listen.

Listen to what your partner has to say and understand what they are going through. Do not be shy in expressing your feelings. It will make your partner feel heard and understood. Communication is a must in analyzing your partner’s need. Similarly, decide the right time to talk about your hidden needs as well.

If something is not right, stop getting angry and expecting that your partner will guess your problems. Communicate effectively.

2. Take a time-out

Conflicts can increase your emotional quotient and it is in this spur of the moment, people tend to be blunt and trash talk. Calm yourself down and just breathe. When emotions are high, distance yourself from any sort of emotional or mental abuse. Keep calm. Only after you regain your peace resume the discussion.

3. Empathize and Accept

Understand that your partner may have different needs. In case of a conflict, accept the blame if you have wronged the other. Accepting the fault and saying sorry can make the marriage rock-solid. Take responsibility for your actions. If your partner apologized for something, don’t keep bringing up the same thing over and over again. Don’t give cold-shoulder or silent treatment to your partner. This can increase marital stress and things may not be the same in the long run even if you try.

4. Create a win-win solution and resolve.

Partners who genuinely care about each other’s needs will create a win-win solution that will help them both. This decision can be made taking into consideration each other’s needs. Remember that you love the other person. Do exciting things with your partner that will strengthen the bond.

Understand that marriage is the union of two individuals with different upbringing altogether. When these two collide, the result is friction. So be patient, understanding and loving and that’s what keeps the marriage happy and healthy.

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