7 important conversations to have before tying the knot!!!

7 important conversations to have before tying the knot!!!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It is between two individuals coming from different family backgrounds committing towards a lifetime of love. You will find great diversity in their upbringing, outlook, culture, customs and traditions, belief, habits, etc., whether it is an arranged or love marriage.

In today’s digital world, matrimonial sites have created a platform for people to find a life partner. As the bride and groom are both educated and independent in their thoughts and action, they know exactly what they want. As two people have to stay together 24/7, they should be aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, their expectations from the partners and what they can accept and what they cannot.

Here are 7 important conversations both groom and bride need to talk to each other before saying “YES” to each other.

1. Personal habits

Discuss your personal habits which you feel can be annoying for the other. For instance, snoring, drinking, gambling, smoking, etc. There are certain habits that you are not ready to give up if your partner doesn’t like them. There are a few you are addicted to and is not in your control such as smoking or booze. At such times, it is best if both the partners know everything about each other before getting into a relationship.

2. Children

Children often become a package that is included in the matrimonial package and doesn’t deem it necessary to discuss it before marriage. However, in today’s world, when both partners are working, chances of handling kids may be challenging, especially either bride or groom are not ready to have a kid or the responsibility of bearing children. The newbies who are ready to make the commitment must discuss clearly their stand on this topic and how they will handle it when both (or either one) is working.

3. Finance

Many partners have conflict over financial issues that can strain the relationship. Both partners should talk about the concept of finance, their spending limit and saving habit. If both are working, how would they like to manage the finances, individually or jointly? If one of the partners is working, then how will it be managed? Talk to your partner if there are any outstanding loan or debt and how they are planning to deal with them in the future.

4. Career

In today’s world, both partners are educated, independent and need their own identity. Both are gravitated towards building their respective careers and carving a niche for themselves. Career options must be clearly discussed. There are girls who want to take a break from career while some want to continue their career. Discuss such topics honestly so that all pros and cons are placed on the table.

5. Beliefs and Culture

Two people coming from different families must talk about the difference in their beliefs and culture. Both partners should discuss their take on this subject and explain their viewpoints – if they are staunch or liberal. Are they ready to accept each other’s belief and culture or hesitant to drop or accept?

6. Responsibility of parents

Both boys and girls are responsible for taking care of their parents, especially in old age. This is an important aspect of discussion and must be honestly reviewed so that there are no unnecessary conflicts and old, ailing parents are left in a lurch. Even the financial assistance provided to parents must be discussed.

7. Delegation of Domestic chores

In a nuclear family, a single partner cannot handle all the responsibilities of the domestic chores. Both the partners must be ready to take up the responsibility equally of handling the domestic chores or they can delegate duties as per their choice and time availability. So, there you go. These 7 points are the most important and crucial points you should discuss before getting committed.

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