Importance of Haldi in Indian Weddings

Importance of Haldi in Indian Weddings

India is a country with wide communities that spread all over our land. Be it Hindus or Muslims, Haldi is a pre-wedding ceremony conducted with high mirth and joy. Why is Haldi considered so important? Read on to know all about it.

Even though the wedding industry took a huge blow in 2020, it is slowly coming back in action this year. Despite the covid-19 fear lurking in our mind, the Government has allowed weddings to take place, however, keeping in mind proper protocols such as social distancing, limited invitees, proper hygiene and safety measures. Though couples cannot celebrate a full-fledged typical big, fat Indian wedding, they can still have all the rituals with close friends and family while not missing out on all the fun.

One of the popular Indian pre-wedding ceremonies is the Haldi. The ritual is held at the bride’s house and also at the groom’s house. Also known as Tel Baan or Manjha ceremony, it involves applying Haldi or turmeric on the couple’s face and hands. This ritual is conducted on the morning of the wedding or the day before. So, what is the importance of Haldi in Indian weddings?

The significance of Haldi

Applying Haldi on the bride and groom before the wedding is prominent in Indian culture. But is it just an old-age tradition or is there any significance behind it? Here are some answers you are looking for.

1. Symbol of blessing

The first and foremost reason why Haldi is used in wedding celebrations is that it is a symbol of blessing for the couple towards a happy and healthy married life. As per the Indian customs, married ladies of the house apply Haldi to the bride and the groom to bless them with a long and strong relationship.

2. For a natural and radiant glow

Turmeric is a miracle plant that not only brightens your complexion but also has numerous benefits on the skin. Applying Haldi ensures radiant, glowing skin on your big day. It also exfoliates your skin by removing any dead skin cells to reveal refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

3. Purification of the heart and soul

Haldi purifies and cleanses the body of the couple before they enter the holy matrimony. It also marks the auspicious beginning of their new life together.

4. To ward off the evil eye

Haldi has the power to protect the bride and the groom from any bad omen that might harm them before the wedding. This is one of the main reasons brides and grooms are prohibited from leaving their house after the Haldi and Mehndi ceremony.

5. Eases the pre-wedding jitters

Turmeric contains curcumin that works as a natural remedy for headaches, anxiety, and panic attacks that one may feel during wedding ceremonies. It calms down the nervous mind and soothes tension thus relaxing you significantly.

So, there you go – the importance of Haldi in Indian weddings. If you know of any other reason, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. is an online matrimonial site that has thousands of profiles for you to choose from. So register today and find your soulmate!!!

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