How to Ignite love and passion in an Arranged marriage

Courtship is the happiest phase of a couple where they dream of a beautiful life together. But in an arranged marriage via a matrimonial site and coexistence, life can become monotonous. Both the partners take a backseat and the relationship weakens day by day.

If you have found your soulmate via an online matrimonial site, got married and feel that the passion is fading, then this is for you. Take a look at these healthy tips to keep the love and passion in an arranged marriage.

1. The importance of communication

Lack of proper communication is one of the main reasons for wear and tear in a relationship. Don’t fret as there is a solution. Proper communication is vital for a good married life. Talk not only about your day at work, friends or home but also about your sex life. Sometimes, passion gets lost when there is no conversation.

2. Initiate and innovate

Share new experiences with your partner as they will gravitate you towards happiness. Plan fun trips, weekend getaways, long conversations, and share walks that can rekindle romance and passion in your life.

3. Surprise each other

We are not talking about big surprises but small details through which you can bring back the passion in each other’s life. At the time, even small surprises can give your partner big happiness as it shows you care. So, make them feel worthy and share those magic moments.

4. Healthy Discussions

Have healthy discussions that are crucial for all arranged marriages. It strengthens a relationship like nothing else. Take the opportunity to talk to your partner and share your hopes and dreams with him/her.

5. Keep those electronic gadgets away

Playing games, watching TV or fidgeting with the smartphone while your partner is trying to talk can be the most inconsiderate thing you can do. Eliminate such things and listen to what your partner has to say. This will make them feel important rather than taken for granted.

Every couple regardless of arranged or love marriage go through a period where the love seems to fade. Follow these tips to restore the passion and keep it alive forever.

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