Mangtikkas, Mathapattis or Paasas - Choosing the right one for you

Mangtikkas, Mathapattis or Paasas - Choosing the right one for you

Mangtikkas, Mathapattis or Paasas - Choosing the right one for you

As the wedding day nears, you must be flustered about choosing the right bridal jewellery. From neckpiece to rings to Matha pattis, there are a lot of things to focus on. A bride-to-be needs to make the right choices for the right occasion. In today’s article, we will be focusing on head jewelry pieces such as Maangtikkas, Mathapattis, and Paasas.


If you have a small forehead or a small face, a Mangtikka is a right choice for you. You wouldn’t want a piece of jewellery that covers your entire forehead. Also, you would want a Mangtikka to wear with real jewellery as it costs less than a Mathapatti. Additionally, contemporary brides who want to go for a minimal bridal look can choose Maangtikkas as it is light and simple.

Maangtikka suggestions as per your face shape:
  • Square face shape – Asymmetrical Mangtikkas that highlights your jawline.
  • Round face shape – Geometric Mangtikkas that enhances your face shape.
  • Oval face shape – lucky you!!! You can pull off Mangtikka of any shape, size or style.
  • Oblong face shape – Avoid thin, long Mangtikkas and go for heavier or fuller Mangtikkas.
  • Heart face shape – Go for delicate Mangtikkas with dangling elements that give your face more structure
  • Diamond face shape – Choose something delicate and minimalistic. Preferably, go for jhumars instead.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka for Muslim brides


If you have a broad forehead or a big face, Mathapatti is best recommended. Experiment with mathapattis if you are wearing imitation jewellery. If you are a bride who wants to go for a heavy bridal look, big, elegant Mathapatti will look great on you.

Mathapatti suggestions as per your face shape:
  • Square face shape – Go for simple asymmetrical Mathapattis that accentuate your God-gifted jawline and cheekbones.
  • Round face shape – Avoid Mathapattis. You don’t want to make your face look wider. Go for a delicate Mangtikka or a nice Paasa instead.
  • Oval face shape – Pull off any Mathapatti of any size, shape or style.
  • Oblong face shape – A broad or chunky Mathapatti will look great on you as it augments the width of your face.
  • Heart face shape – Delicate Mathapattis with dangling elements is best recommended. The lesser the chunk, the better.
  • Diamond face shape – Wear something as delicate and minimalistic as possible. Indulge in jhumars that will look divine on you.

Mathapatti for Islamic bride

Mathapattis for Muslim bride

Paasas and Jhumars

Paasas and Jhumars look great on any face shape

Jhumars for Muslim bride

Paasas and Jhumars look good on any face shape. However, brides with round shape must stay clear of Jhumars. Paasas go well with Mughal outfits such as Anarkalis, Peplum bridal wear, etc.

Mathapattis are usually worn by South Indian brides and Paasas or Jhumars are worn by Muslim brides. But there are no strict rules when it comes to bridal wear and fashion. Maangtikkas are worn by many brides of different cultures of India. It all comes down to personal preference. Let us know what you choose for which occasion.

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