Is it okay to joke about Nikah?

Is it okay to joke about Nikah?

Is it okay to joke about Nikah?

Is it okay to joke about Nikah? Can it have dire consequences? Read on to know all about it.

There are many times we joke about things in life without giving it a second thought. We do not consider the consequences and issues that arise out of our words and thoughts. Nikah is a sensitive and sincere topic that must be dealt with extra care and thoughtfulness. No man must marry a woman and then claim he really didn’t mean to enter into a lifetime relationship.

Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet said,

“There are three matters that are considered serious in both serious and non-serious talk: marriage, divorce, and returning a wife who was divorced a non-terminal divorce.”

[Sahih ul-Jami No.3027]

Moreover, there is another Hadith that emphasizes the same matter.

“There are three matters in which it is not permissible to joke: marriage, divorce, and emancipation of slaves.”

[Sahih ul-Jami no.3047]

As you can see the Hadith highlights the importance that whenever you talk about Nikah or divorce, be clear with the intentions and do not take these matters lightly.

Sadly, many youths are involved in Haram relationships that they practice Khulwah and even Zina with one another. These things lead to mocking the topic of Nikah. In our daily lives, we try to pair up friends with our acquaintances. Even though it is unintentional, joking around such topics is not wise.

Be aware of the topic. Understand what our Deen expects from us, because only then our actions and words become clearer. As Nikah has a solemn significance, all the guidelines must be kept in mind before violating any. is one of the online matrimonial sites who offer prospective brides and grooms.

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