Postponing Mahr in Islam - Muslim Marriage


Postponing Mahr in Islam - Muslim Marriage

As per Islamic marriage, it is the husband’s duty to give their wives Mahr at the time of Nikah. Mahr is not just an amount or something which is paid in cash, rather it is a right of every Muslim wife.

Allah’s Messenger – the Prophet advised that husbands should give Mahr during Nikah only. What he can offer at future date is not relevant here.

Can Mahr be postponed?

Nowadays, it has become a common practice among Muslims where the amount of Mahr is split into two parts. While one portion is paid in advance during Nikah, the second portion is paid at the time of death or divorce, whichever takes place earlier between the couple.

Postponing the Mahr in such a way is not an act appreciated by Allah nor is recommended by Prophet. Such a ritual was developed as a convenient way to limit the budget which is a clear deviation from what was commanded by Allah.

The traditional way of offering the Mahr during Nikah and if any other practice is followed, the true meaning of Mahr is lost. This results in the loss of faith and intimacy which the wife about her husband after their Nikah.

Hence, it is always advised to listen to the rules set by Allah upon us. They are created for the good and harmony of us. Following the Sunnah practices will always bring peace and happiness in our marriage life.

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