Punishment for refraining Mahr in Islam


Punishment for refraining Mahr in Islam

The Mahr for women in Islam carries a very important status as it is a financial guarantee given by the husband to his wife during Nikah. Keeping this in mind, it is guided by Allah and Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet, that the Mahr should be given to the wife during the time of Nikah.

Is taking away a woman’s Mahr a sin?

Though many people don’t take it seriously, Mahr is like an undue debt which will remain unpaid during Nikah. So, if the husband prevents his wife from her right of Mahr, it is a grave sin on the part of the husband.

Hence, while giving Mahr, a Hadith is shared.

Allah,s Messenger, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“Indeed among the greatest sins before Allah is that of a man who marries a woman, and after he fulfills his need with her, he divorces her and takes her Mahr; and a man who hires another man but does not give him his pay; and a man who kills an animal without reason.”

[as Sahihah no: 999]

As you can see, the Hadith clearly states to Muslim brothers to save themselves from committing such a serious crime. In many Western countries, a man marries a woman for a small amount of Mahr. Once the needs are fulfilled, they divorce the woman and take back the Mahr. This is a serious sin and they should fear Allah and remember that though they can get rid of evil actions in this life, nothing will save them on the Judgment Day.

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