Top 8 trending engagement rings for the bride-to-be 2021

Top 8 trending engagement rings for the bride-to-be 2021

Is there an engagement in your future? Then, it’s time you start to think about shopping for the engagement ring for you and your partner. Rings signify the commitment, love and loyalty between couples. It’s common for engaged and married couples to wear their rings on their hands. It shows that they are committed and are now officially with someone. Shopping for engagement rings can be challenging. But fret not. We have curated a guide of the top 8 trending engagement rings that are trending this 2021.

The trending engagement rings for the bride-to-be 2021

1. Emeralds

Emerald Engagement Ring

Engagement ring shoppers are going green. Emeralds are trending this year and are being called the “it” stone of 2021, says Shelley Brown, senior fashion and beauty editor at The Knot.

Emeralds are associated with serenity and new beginnings. This makes it an excellent choice for many couples who are getting married. However, bear in mind that emeralds are a softer stone than diamonds which means that you should treat your emerald engagement ring with proper care. Clean it regularly and avoid knocking it against hard surfaces.

2. Vintage rings

Vintage rings are trending this 2021.

Old is new and that’s a trend this year. Vintage rings are beloved and everyone’s favorite. Antique rings are intricately designed, full of character and hold sentimental values. In fact, couples who want to buy new still crave a vintage look.

“Vintage engagement rings are a rage among to-be-weds. While some choose to use family heirloom jewelry, others love to buy a new vintage-inspired ring.

3. Rose-cut diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds

If you have never heard of a rose-cut diamond, you are in for a treat. Invented back in the 1500s. it comes with a flat bottom and a dome top that resembles a rosebud. A savvy and stunning cut, it gives the diamond an antique look. Though it looks less brilliant than other diamonds, the flat bottom makes the stone look larger than its actual weight.

4. Two-stone rings

Two-stone rings symbolize the union of two souls and hence are quite popular.

Though a chic and non-conventional pick, two-stone engagement rings symbolize romance. Also called ‘Toi et Moi’ meaning ‘you and me’ in French, these two-stoned rings signify two souls becoming one. Stating the obvious, they offer twice the bling thus making it a popular hit among couples.

5. Three-stone rings

Three-stone engagement ring

Remember when Chandler proposed to Monica with a square-diamond cut ring with two blue sapphires on the side? Gorgeous was it…!!! Thrice the bling, come on!!! These side stones not only hold their individual personality but also highlights the larger center gem and add a little oomph to the ring.

6. Blue Center stones

Blue center engagement stones

Princess Di’s blue sapphire ring is passed on to Kate Middleton which looks simply gorgeous. A classic ring, you can choose your favorite blue-hued gem. Aquamarines, tanzanite, topaz, tourmalines, and blue opals are some of the trending stones.

7. Eco-conscious stones

Eco-conscious engagement rings

Young couples are not just about the bling. They care where the engagement rings are sourced and made. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming a go-to for ring seekers who want a sustainable engagement ring. These diamonds are popular because they are sourced through transparent, conflict-free techniques and also that they are available at an economical price. Many jewellers are also noticing an increase in the use of recycled metals and stones for engagement rings.

8. Alexandrite

Alexandrite engagement ring

Ditch the tradition with a flash of this gemstone. Alexandrite is a marvelous gemstone that’s placed itself as an engagement ring stone. This stunning stone changes colors based on how the lights hit it. Ranging from purple and fuchsia to green, blue, and even orange. A popular option for those looking for a unique and fashion-forward engagement ring.

We hope you loved our options for trending engagement rings 2021. Let us know which is your pick.

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