True significance of honeymoon


True significance of honeymoon

Did you know that the word ‘honeymoon’ is derived from the etymology in the Old English phrase “hony moone”? In Old English, “hony” means honey that indicates the “special phase of sweetness, tenderness and the conjugal pleasure of newlyweds”. The other word “Moone”, on the contrary, indicates the waning phase of the sweetness. You might realize that this word doesn’t have a positive meaning as we use it today. It is also a warning that the sweet marital love wanes just like the moon. However, rather than focusing on the aspect of the word, let’s go with the optimistic context of this word’s origin.

Did you know that around the 5th century, societies used the lunar cycle as their calendar time? It was also a mandatory custom for the newlyweds to drink Mead (a honey-based alcoholic drink made using aphrodisiac elements) during the first moon after their marriage to enhance libido in the couple.

Few centuries down the timeline, during the 1900s, the concept of honeymoon changed with couples visiting relative and friends who couldn’t attend the wedding. It was the time to make new bonds between the families and friends of the newlywed couples.

Though culturally, often honeymoon is seen as a solitary sexually passionate retreat for newlyweds, the true essence of honeymoon is not all about conjugal passion but getting to know each other and building friendship. As two entirely different people become significant others, they need time to understand each other more with their new roles as husband and wife. From their daily habits to every minute details (regardless of how long they have been dating), living under the same roof calls for more understanding. This needs ample time, single-minded dedication, effort and space. Honeymoon serves as a base to know each other’s everyday habits as it becomes easy when they come to the daily household chores and workplace grind.

Even in India, the first night was never right after the wedding. As per the Vedic tradition, the ceremony of Garbhadaan, offering one’s womb to the husband’s lineage (the consummation of marriage) was done only half a lunar cycle after the wedding day. This gives the newlyweds time to strike a deeper friendship, understanding and genuine love for each other. Our ancient cultures knew that a marriage is much more than physical pleasure and attraction. It is more about mutual understanding, friendliness and trust that forms the strong foundation to marriage.

So, what do you now think about your honeymoon? We hope your perspective about your honeymoon has changed and you have realized its true significance. We at Waytonikah love to bring you and your life partner together and are committed to helping you find such a meaningful relationship.

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