7 Tips to choose the right wedding photographer 2021

7 Tips to choose the right wedding photographer 2021

 A wedding obviously needs a wedding photographer who will capture your memories. Over the years, Wedding photography has become quite popular with many photographers and wedding couples bringing in new concepts and ideas to make the wedding more memorable and exciting. However, choosing the right wedding photographer also plays an important role which can give you an awesome experience via your wedding pictures. Here are 7 tips to choose the right wedding photographer that are absolutely foolproof.

1. Fix the budget.

One of the most vital parts while planning a budget-friendly wedding or while shopping is which is the right photography? Will you need to be stingy or lavish? There are many ideas and you will be left overwhelming.

Discuss with your friends/family or your partner and discuss how much you can legitimately spend on photographers. Keep in mind as you search for the perfect photographer. Many photographers post their wedding photography packages and prices online on their websites. You can also ask photographers in your area and see what the ongoing rate is.

Though photos are one of the most important things to invest in, see if you can save as some money as possible.

2. Find your style

Browse wedding photographers’ sites, look up hundreds of photographer ideas and narrow in on one which you like. Do you want candid, classic, a combination of color and black-and-white, creative, contemporary?

Shortlist a few photographers based on your research, check their packages and find the one that best suits your budget. Weddings are unique and hence you need a photographer with few years of experience under his belt.

3. Ask for testimonials

One of the best ways to find an ace photographer is to ask friends and family for recommendations. If anyone got married recently and you loved their shots, ask them who their photographer was. Also, get recommendations from the venue, social media, and online reviews. Sites such as Quora, forum, etc. will help you get clarity on picking the right photographers.

A reputed photographer will have lots of testimonials from clients which they are glad to share with you. Once you shortlist a photographer, ask them three questions:
  • Are they available on your wedding date?
  • Can they send a full album for you to have a look-see?
  • Can you read testimonials or speak with a recent client?

You can ask the clients how their wedding day went, did they get every shot they wanted and most of all, were they happy with the results?

4. Check few portfolios

Obviously, seeing a portfolio is essential. A photographer’s website will have an awesome portfolio and his/her website showcase a highlight reel but what you need to see is a full wedding album. A Couple of photos necessarily won’t tell you the whole story. Take a look at each photo which needs to be consistent in both quality and look.

5. Does the photographer know the venue?

It is not a deal-breaker but it’s always a plus point if your photographer has shot at your wedding venue before. This means that they have a good experience of the best locations and the lighting challenges.

You can also consult your venue who will happily provide their list of recommended photographers.

6. Arrange a meeting

You and your partner will be spending the whole wedding day with this photographer. This means you need to know what you are getting into. Meet them and ask questions, go through their portfolio and see if you connect with them. Do they make you comfortable? Are they in sync with your thoughts and ideas? The more relaxed you are the more natural and ease you will be during the big day and amazing your photos will be.

7. Book an engagement photoshoot

An engagement photo shoot is a great way to break the ice and get to know each other while seeing if your personalities match. Your photographer will be there with you the whole day so if they irritate you or annoy you, it’s a bad sign.

The right photographer must be respectful, social and must know how to blend into your wedding without being overbearing.

We hope these 7 tips for wedding photography has helped you. You may have paid a deposit to the photographer but if you don’t think they are the right photographer post the engagement shoot, you have full rights to cancel your wedding with them. Hopefully, by following these seven tips, it may never be the case.

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