Unspecified Mahrs in Muslim marriage


Unspecified Mahrs in Muslim marriage

While talking about the importance of Islamic regulations about Mahr, there is one more condition which we would like our readers to know.

What is an unspecified Mahr?

This is a type of Mahr which is not decided earlier and remains unspecified at the time of Nikah. Even if the Nikah is performed without specifying the Mahr, the wife does not lose her right to Mahr.

Many husbands try to use this point to rule over in Nikah. They marry their wives without mentioning the Mahr and later do not abide by it. This is a punishable sin in the eyes of Allah who commands not to back out from the promises made to each other.

Allah’s Messenger the Prophet says in a Hadith that:

“Indeed, Allah’s Messenger (P.B.U.H.) gave me so and so in marriage but I did not then give her anything. Be my witness that I now give her as mahr my share of from Khaybar.” [Irwa ul-Ghalil no.: 1924]

A true believer who follows Allah’s path and his set will always abide by His law during Nikah.

Anyone who is unable to pay his Mahr during Nikah must not be pressurized to pay it. Because making Mahrs as a financial motive should never be the motive of the wife or her family. Unless the husband promises to pay the Mahr later.

Once the husband is in a condition to pay, he should call upon someone who trusts who is identified as a witness by the Sharia. This is to avoid any confusions in the future.

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