How to plan a small and intimate wedding


How to plan a small and intimate wedding

The wedding industry has got a huge setback since Covid wreaked havoc in our lives. Even though we are adapting to the ‘new normal’ we are lucky to still have hope to plan a wedding. If you want an intimate wedding but unsure where to start and how to go ahead with it, here are a few tips for you. In this article, we give you how to plan a budget-friendly wedding while following Covid rules for a small and intimate wedding.

One of the biggest advantages nowadays is that couples who want an intimate wedding can choose many economical options. Though a wedding planner can really help you set a budget and take the stress out of planning, you can always take the initiative and go ahead with planning an intimate wedding.

1. Invite fewer guests

Celebrate your nuptials with only your close family members and friends. If you are going through the guest list and wondering if you haven’t invited colleagues or relatives you haven’t seen or met in years, then go for a small wedding list.

Reduce the guest list as it is less overwhelming for both you and your partner. The best part is guests who are at your wedding are likely to know each other.

2. Keep it personal

Design a wedding as per your aesthetic needs; something which will reflect your style and personality. A wedding planner or stylist can assist you in some gorgeous florals or unique touches that signifies you and your partner’s relationship.

Also, photographers love small weddings as well. One photographer can truly capture the special moments which is usually lost at a wedding of over 300 people. is one of the popular Islamic matrimonial sites which has more than thousands of verified profiles that will help you find your life partner easily...!!! Register NOW for FREE!!!

3. Choose a picturesque location

Weddings 2021 is all about choosing a picturesque location!!! Keep it meaningful, simple, amidst nature and overall intimate. We are fortunate to have amazing wedding locations and venues in India.

Also, bear in mind that at-home micro-weddings are equally popular amongst couples as they prefer to “YES” amongst their closest circle of family and friends. Decorating for a wedding at home needs more logistics while keeping in mind the covid restrictions.

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