10 Trendy Payal designs for brides 2021

10 Trendy Payal designs for brides 2021

Did you know that the history of Payal dates back to the ancient Mesopotamians? A version of the Ghungroo, it is a dancer’s accessory that announces the arrival of the belle with the sound of tinkling bells. The Payal, however, is a lighter, easier ornament and is considered one of the important aspects of a bride’s shringar. Here is a list of brides who rocked the traditional look with their beautiful anklets on their big day.

1. Navratna Payal

Navratna Payal (Anklet) design

This conventional radiant Navratna (nine gems) is neatly placed to create a delicate convergence of gold and pearl beads that goes well with any bridal outfit.

2. Temple jewellery design

Embrace the heritage beauty that comes with an intricately carved gold temple jewellery Payal design that looks great with Kanjeevaram sarees.

3. Doli Saja Ke Rakna

This unbelievably gorgeous Meenakari depiction of the Dulhan Ki Doli procession that features the perfect combination of color and emotion!!!

4. Dance of the Peacock

How rare and unique is this pearl Payal that comes with an intricately carved enamel peacock clasp?

5. Chandbali Payal

That’s right. If you loved the Chandbali earring, you will love the Meenakari Payal which features chain-linked Chandbalis for your beautiful feet!!!

6. Kundan-embedded Payal

Kundan-embedded Payal

Crafted in the rich, brilliant gold with three strands of Kundan, this piece of art features delicate pearl beads dangling which give any bride a regal look.

7. Dainty ‘N’ Dazzling

Minimalistic Anklet design (Payal designs for bride)

For those who want to keep it minimalistic, this delicate shimmering number is a great way to dress up your feet with an alluring reception gow.

8. Layered Pearls

Layered Pearls Payal design

This divine multilayered Payal of gold beads with statement toe-rings gives you the grandeur of historical royal dancers.

9. Petite Polki

This delicately crafted design by the RJS company reimagines the grandeur of Polki jewellery for brides who want a minimal look.

10. Baaraat Design

Depicting the groom’s Baraat (wedding procession) of Raabta by Rahul, this ornately crafted Payal is a quirky way to flaunt the celebration of the couple’s big day.

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